The total electric potential of all elements of a retina is called электроретинограммой (ЭРГ). It can be for-registrirovana as from the whole eye, and is direct from a retina. On ЭРГ it is possible to judge intensity of colour, the size and duration of action of a light signal. It is widely used in clinic for diagnostics and control of treatment of diseases of a retina. In each sack there are small eminences - макулы (stains) in which is отолитовый the device - a congestion рецепторных cages which are covered желеобразной by the weight consisting from мукополисахаридов. Thanks to presence in it of crystals of calcium it has received the name отолитовой membranes. In полукружных channels желеобразная the weight does not contain отолиты and is called купулой. Полостное and пристеночное digestion in a small intestine Buy cialis 5 mg uk
substance муцин sticks together separate particles. Pancreas secretion strengthen гастрин, серотонин, бомбезин, 3.листовидные - along back edges of language. than blood oxygenation as molecular СО2легче gets through biological vials - blood "begins to boil". Несмотря насохраняющуюся R.Gejdengajnom has been developed operation isolated желудочка which gave the chance to receive pure gastric juice. But this operation did not consider topography of nerves, иннервирующих a stomach. At formation isolated желудочка nerves were cut, and желудочек it appeared денервированным. This method it was possible to study only гуморальную a phase of gastric secretion. I. P.Pavlov, having considered lacks of a technique of R.Gejdengajna, has offered a way of operation isolated желудочка without перерезки nerves, иннервирующих a stomach that has given the chance to study gastric secretion throughout all period of digestion.
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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