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Saturday, August 01, 2015
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Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction (MJLI)  is an academic, refereed journal published annually by Universiti Utara Malaysia since 2004. The aims of the journal are to communicate research and stimulate discussion, study, and critique of teaching and learning, and to encourage scholarly writing on learning and instruction. MJLI publishes original research articles and theoretical reviews. Coverage will include, but is not limited to, issues surrounding pedagogy, curriculum, modes of delivery, social and cultural impact on learning, instructional design and technology, institutional effectiveness and betterment of educational practice.


The journal is  being  indexed and abstracted in Scopus, MyCite, Ulrichs Periodical Directory and Cabell’s Directory in Educational & Curriculum Methods.


This is an open access journal. The electronic version is available at, http;// The articles on this site are available in full-text and free of charge to our web visitors. 


ISSN Print  1675-8110

ISSN Online  2180-2483





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